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Dry Tempera Powder

One of the oldest known mediums for painting is Tempera. Dry tempera powder is a form of this type of paint that must be mixed using water. Tempera is made of glutinous materials. Dry tempera powder is mixed with egg yolk or a medium of whole egg to make the paint. Many experienced artists use honey, glue or milk with the dry tempera powder to get a consistency that is smoother. Most tempera powders are organic compounds while there are some that have synthetic glutinous ingredients. 
All forms of tempera even dry tempera powder dries quickly. You cannot apply the paint thickly. Tempera will not discolor, fade or become dark with time. Colors of tempera tend to intensify after drying and aging after the water content dries completely. Dry tempera powder can be used in any type of painting method. 

Using Dry Tempera Powder
High grade tempera paint is available in a pigmented powder form that is made of glutinous materials. Many young children in art classes often use tempera. Dry tempera powder requires water to be added before it can be used on a surface or canvas. Most artists only apply tempera to prepared surfaces that are smooth. High grade dry tempera powder is of excellent quality and provides artists with excellent results in art.