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Art Workbenches

Art workbenches offer extra storage. The workbench has the capacity to hold all of the tools and utensils that artists use throughout their day. Typically made of a sturdy wood like oak or birch, the workbench is usually a little higher than waist level and permits easier work to be performed. The ideal workbench will come with full length drawers, which are usually lined to add protection for any of the artist's tools.

The art workbench is also designed to handle any size job big or small. With everything at the artist's finger tips, the artist's workbench is a welcoming addition to any studio. The artist will never have to be concerned about clutter anymore because of the extra storage space below the actual bench itself. By keeping things orderly and put away, the artist will have a cleaner work station and will be able access their equipment easier, since everything is in its place.

Another addition to some of these types of artist workbenches is the wheel castors. Some art studios need their workbenches to have wheels, so that the workbench could be slid over the opposite end of the studio if needed to open up more space.

Selecting the Best Workbench
Your workbench is your best friend in the workshop or studio, and choosing the right workbench for your particular needs is important. There are some considerations that must be made when choosing the right workbench for your needs, including:

  • Your height. Choose a workbench based on your height. This is important because if you have to “hunch” over the workbench for extended periods of time, your back will definitely begin to complain. Choose a bench that is sufficiently high that you don’t have to “hunch” or better yet, an adjustable workbench that can adjust to various heights for various needs that you might have.
  • The purpose you have for the workbench. For the most part, what you will do on the workbench is an important thing to keep in mind when you are buying a workbench. Will you be doing light projects or heavy projects? The quality of the workbench you select should be based on the answer to that question!
  • Number of folks working on the workbench at once. If you will be working alongside other people at your workbench, you may need to buy a larger workbench to allow for everyone to have “elbow” room to work.
  • Do you need shelving or storage? It is often prudent to select a workbench that has onboard storage and shelving – and can sometimes be a space saver as well.
  • Budget. You will find workbenches in a myriad of budgets. Always buy the sturdiest, most well-built workbench that you can afford.