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Art Tables and Work Surfaces

Art folding tables are designed for the artist who has limited space in their studio. The legs fold out to a standard sized table and some even have adjustable legs, so the artist can custom set the tables height for his or her comfort. Collapsing is not a problem either as the majority of them come with sliding rings that fit snugly over the folding strap mechanism. The art folding tables usually stand about 30 high when standing, and when they are collapsed, they are usually 3 1/2 to 4 thick, so it is easier to slide out of the way.

The art folding tables when collapsed are also designed to fit snuggly on top of each other for better storage for the artist who needs more than one table in their studio or work area. The surface of the art folding table is typically made of a highly pressurized laminated plastic with a solidified core. The art folding table also has plastic tips on the feet of the table to prevent the table from sliding around. The majority of these art tables usually come in either a neutral bland color or in a faux wood finish to add to the dcor of the artist's studio.

Selecting Tables & Work Surfaces for Your Art Studio or Classroom
If you are looking to outfit your art studio or classroom with new tables or work surfaces, you may be wondering which is best. Truthfully, the best work surface or table for your particular situation should be based on how much space you have, what you will use the table or work surface for, and how much money you have to spend. The following types of tables and work surfaces may be ideal for your situation:

  • Children’s art tables. Children’s art tables are made specifically for home or school. A children’s art table can allow two or more children to work side by side, creating artwork and flexing their creative muscles. These kinds of tables come in a variety of styles and price points for you to choose from, but most have two things in common: durability and ease of cleaning up! Look for children’s art tables for your home or classroom that will last for a long time and hold up to all the abuse that your children or students have to throw at them.
  • Folding tables. A folding table is ideal for those areas where space is at a minimum, or for times when you want to be able to take the table with you.
  • Hobby or craft table. A hobby or craft table is made specifically for hobbyists and crafters. This type of table typically features some storage capabilities for storing all of your hobby or craft supplies, and an adjustable work surface.
  • Professional drafting table. A drafting table is ideal for drafting, but can also be used for painting, drawing, and crafts.