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Workstations with Easels

The artist work station is basically a combination of an artist storage cabinet, an artist workbench, an art horse, and an easel. Apparently some artists out there need something more all encompassing. This is where the Artist work station comes into play. The ideal work station would be ideal for an artist who is pressed for space or has to share space with one or more artists. Usually, those artists who has an artist work station can do all of their work instead of moving to different parts of the studio as everything is within reach of the artist because of the storage space that an artist work station has to offer.

Many artist work stations also come with a fold out easel, so the artist doesn't have to spend extra money to purchase one. These types of Artist work stations are also ideal for a class room setting, where the artist doesn't have to move around to different parts of the classroom to produce their so called masterpieces. The instructor will not have to worry either as an artist work station can keep the artists materials safely put away with the convenient drawers that come with an artist work station.

See all Artist Easels or scroll down for artist work stations and painting stations. You may also consider giant easels or art taborets.

Why Choose a Workstation with an Integrated Easel?
One of the most sought after workstations for artists is a workstation with an integrated easel. This type of workstation features lots of room to hold your supplies and canvases with an attached easel that makes it easy for you to create your next masterpiece with ease. Most of these types of workstations feature an easel that folds out and that can accommodate canvases of various heights, and a fold down top drawer for holding your painting necessities. Another feature to look for is fold-out side arms that allow additional work space and front locking casters that will allow you to easily roll the workstation around when you need to move it. All of these features combined make the workstation with integrated easel an exceptional choice for both novice and expert artists.

Save Space with a Workstation with Integrated Easel
For those artists who have very little room for creating, a workstation with an integrated easel can be a godsend! These handy stations have everything that the artist needs – at his or her fingertips – including an easel! These space saving units are affordable for most budgets and can really create the feel of a studio within a smaller apartment or home. Shop workstations with integrated easels now!