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Art Horse & Pony Benches

Art horses are designed more or less as a portable art studio without losing any of the comfort for the artist in their own studio. These art horses are either made from the traditional wood style to the more elegant, modern steel designs. Many of these art horses are marketed to the artist constantly on the go.

Typically made of a strong wood like oak, these art horses are easily folded up for convenient storage and travel. They usually have straps or wheels attached to them to make the move easier for the artist.

When the artist is ready to paint, they simply unfold the art horse and has an instant art studio space where they can conveniently work. Many artists who need to work on locationoften opt for the work horse.

When deciding on a work horse, it is imperative to avoid those manufactured with wood that will not stand up to today artist---typically Bristol board or plywood. These types of wood warp and could end up breaking while you are working on your artwork. Also, choose an art horse that contains interchangeable parts, so if ever a piece needs to be replaced, it can be disassembled with ease.

Why Use a Bench Easel?
Many artists prefer a bench easel above all other types of easels. The bench easel or art horse allows the artist to sit down while painting or sketching, giving tired backs and legs a break so that the creative juices can flow. For those people who have limited space for painting within the home or studio, the bench easel takes up less room than a drawing table and many models even fold up for storage and portability. When choosing a bench easel, look for one that is manufactured by a trusted name in the art industry, and that is sturdy enough to hold up to your body weight. You’ll find that the bench easel will really let you take a load off your feet so that you can enjoy your craft to the fullest.

Create in Comfort with an Art Horse or Bench Easel
One of the most useful art furniture options is the art horse or bench easel (sometimes also called an art donkey). Bench easels and art horses are available in both wood and steel varieties and allow you to sit comfortably while you paint or create. Some art horses are meant to be stationary in your studio or elsewhere, while others are portable, featuring wheels that allow you to transport the easel wherever you might go. Look for the art horse or bench easel in a sturdy design that will accommodate your weight and that has features that will make it even more functional, like hidden storage or drawers.

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