Encaustic Painting

What is Encaustic Painting? Encaustic painting is becoming more popular right now – but it is actually not a new concept. On the contrary, encaustic painting is one of the planet’s oldest and most ancient forms of painting. It even predates the use of oil paints! In fact, the Fayum portraits that date back to Greco-Roman Egypt (and were created approximately 100 years prior to the birth of Christ) are thought to be the earliest known examples of encaustic painting, which is a style of painting that was virtually lost until the middle of the last century when it was revived by artist Jasper Jones in the fifties.  Shop encaustic painting supplies now.

More about encaustic painting:

Encaustic painting involves the use of paint that is made from pure pigments that are mixed with dammar resin and beeswax. The encaustic artist applies the encaustic paint with a variety of different tools. As a medium, encaustic paint can be scraped, textured, etched, incised, sculpted, embossed, and combed, just to name a few.

Working with encaustic paint is a bit different than using oils or acrylics, because the paint must be warm in order for it to be spread. Nonetheless, working with this medium can be quite fun and encaustic paint is really catching on with many artists.