Paint / Medium

Artists of all skills need the proper type of tools for their trade. The art paint that they use is of great importance to the finished artwork that is created. Many of the acrylic paints that can be found have the professional qualities of pigmentation, light fastness, and viscosity. This type of paint is usually formulated in high concentrations of non-fading pigments, authentic colors, and is guaranteed to be vibrant and intense colors that contain pigments that will not fade. Other artists use oil paints to create their works of art and a wide array of these in vibrant colors are available for their choosing.

Besides the easel, an artist needs lighting along with other tools. Scrapers, strainers, containers, rollers, knives, and trays are just a few of the items that an artist will need before ever starting that masterpiece. Palettes and mixing trays are other important tools. Palettes should be manageable by the individual and still hold the array of colors they wish to use.

Schools can find bulk packaged brushes to meet the needs of the budget. Clean up is a major task for many studios and with the wide array of chemical cleaners that can be found, this can be a rather easy project. Often, many artist use hand cream that keeps their hands from becoming stained by the many different colors of paint that they are using. Many find gloves and aprons to be helpful. Others wear neither and tend to feel that they perform better without these implements.In the paint category, shop one of the largest selections of brushes imaginable. You can find any type of brush that you can possibly need. They are made from a wide array of materials for the various kinds of paints that you use as an artist.

Most artists use either acrylic or oil based paints. Shop an enormous selection of these, as well as paints used for fabric, finger, or glass painting and poster, window, or spray painting. Shop a line of priming materials, mediums, pigments, solvents, and stain removers as well as different varnishes.

After selecting your paints and brushes, take a look at the vast assortment of palettes and mixing trays. Other products include easel lights to allow adequate lighting over your work and drying guns to quicken the drying process of your finished masterpiece. Creative artists of any age can find a complete art set or introductory kit to get them started. These have the basic items necessary to finish a work of exceptional quality and skill. Another form of art can be accomplished with the use of calligraphy products. From the very well penned individual to the very basic beginner, anyone can learn and skillfully perform the art of calligraphy.

Shop individual accessories to compliment those you already own or shop entire sets to get one started. A very popular item is the linen canvas for painting your magnificent work on. For your convenience and satisfaction, we offer a swatchbook that holds a sample of each and every type of canvas that we link you to. Some ingenious artist use panel of wood or hardboard as their canvas. These birch panels provide a firm and smooth surface for the artist to create upon. They do not warp, flex, or stretch and are much more durable and long lasting than canvas. The lines of panels are available in many shapes: they come in square, rectangular, oval and round.

Once completed, this piece of panel artwork will mount and hang flush against the wall: requiring only one screw or nail for mounting. This type of artwork requires no framing. One of more unique items is the Egg Tempera. It is used by masters of paint around the world. This paint allows an artist to create ever so fine details in a large assortment of vibrant and brilliant shades. This paint is made of the protein of eggs. For every level of artistic talent, shop the products and accessories to excel the quality and durability of your work.