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Full Spectrum and Natural Lighting

Why Your Art Studio or Classroom Can Benefit from Full Spectrum or Natural Lighting
You may have heard a lot about full spectrum or natural lighting. It seems that we’re always trying to build a better “something”, whether it is a mouse trap or a light bulb – and finally we have. Full spectrum lighting or natural lighting is the closest that you can get to illuminating your space with natural light – short of adding more windows. Natural lighting and full spectrum lighting are equivalent in most instances to having natural light in the interior of your space – which can make creating beautiful works of art easier. After all, if your studio is in the basement or other dark, formidable space, you likely can’t really get the full visual grasp of your artwork like you could if you were creating it in the open air, outside.

Full spectrum or natural lighting will help to improve your visual clarity and your color perception. And as an added bonus, studies have shown that using natural lighting (like being exposed to sunlight) just makes you feel better – cheerier, happier, and more creative!

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Chromalux Light Bulbs
Chromalux creates the most natural indoor light! This 4200°K full-spectrum bulb is calculated to be ..
$7.95 - $25.60
Chromalux Light With Stand
Chromalux creates the most natural indoor light! This unit can be used with a special 4200°K full-sp..
$7.95 - $117.95
Daylight Artists' Studio Lamp
With a sturdy tripod base and super bright reflector shade, the Daylight Artists' Studio Lamp casts ..
$19.99 - $179.99
Daylight Combo Lamp
Choose the right light for the project! Daylight's Combo Lamp features a low-heat 28W Daylight energ..
Daylight Easy-Twist Floor Lamp
Natural light isn't only easier on the eyes —it uplifts the spirit and energizes the body, so that w..
$22.99 - $209.99
Daylight Easy-Twist Table Lamp
Natural light isn't only easier on the eyes — it's proven to uplift the spirit and energize the body..
$22.99 - $169.99
Daylight Naturalight Convertible Floor/Table Magnifying Lamp
Get the best of all worlds in one design with this magnifying, convertible floor/table lamp with ful..
Daylight Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp
This is the same elegant design as the Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp, in a 51" tall floor model. Feat..
$16.99 - $99.99
Daylight Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp
You’ll craft in comfort when you use this attractive, energy-saving table lamp. Featuring a 27 watt ..
$16.99 - $69.99
Daylight Naturalight Magnifying Lamps
Close-up tasks like drawing, painting, jewelry-making, and crafting are easier using the full-spectr..
$16.99 - $179.99
Daylight Naturalight Magnifying Table Lamp
This is a small yet powerful table lamp that allows for close-in work, making it ideal for jewelry-m..
$16.99 - $59.99
Daylight Professional Artist Lamp II
This beautifully designed artist lamp is chic, modern, powerful, and versatile. The low heat, energy..
$22.99 - $189.99
Daylight Replacement Fluorescent Bulbs and Tubes
Using these low heat, energy saving fluorescent bulbs in Daylight Lamps. These "true color" lamps pr..
$0.00 - $26.99
Daylight Slimline Floor Lamp
With two unique flex points for height and angle, the Daylight Slimline Floor Lamp lets you swiftly ..
Daylight Triple Bright Lamp
Perfect for lighting wide work areas where plenty of shadow-free light is needed, the Daylight Tripl..
$18.99 - $189.99