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Blick Economy One-StrokeSeries 95
This low-costing lettering brush has a mixture of soft, natural hairs that form a sharp, reliable ed..
$1.99 - $13.37
Blick Masterstroke Eclipse One-StrokeSeries 4840
The Eclipse one-stroke has an extra-long shape which holds a superior load of color, and the square ..
$7.34 - $22.56
Blick Scholastic Golden Taklon One-Stroke
This short-handled brush with soft Golden Taklon filament is designed for lettering or decorative pa..
$3.08 - $21.27
Blick Scholastic Ox Hair One-Stroke
Our Ox Hair One-Stroke is ideal for forming large block letters. The One-Stroke was a traditional si..
$2.43 - $20.84
Blick Scholastic Wonder White One-Stroke
Our white Taklon filament brushes on short handles are ideal for sign and decorative painting. These..
$3.08 - $19.62
Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky One Stroke BrushesSeries 1310
Da Vinci's "Maestro" designation is reserved for brushes manufactured using male winter Siberian Kol..
$22.95 - $459.95
Da Vinci Short Handle Nova One StrokeSeries 1370
Nova Synthetics differ from other golden synthetics in their enhanced ability to hold water and colo..
$10.95 - $59.95
Luco Kazan Square Lettering BrushesSeries 195 RD
These square-edged round lettering brushes are made of Kazan squirrel hair fitted into a seamless ro..
$15.80 - $57.45
Princeton Series 4050 Synthetic Sable One-Stroke
Princeton's Series 4050ST Synthetic Sable One-Stroke is a quality short handle brush for the waterco..
$9.75 - $22.95
Rembrandt Blond Ox One Stroke Liner
Ideal for oils and acrylics, Rembrandt Blond Ox Hair One Stroke Liners are crafted of premium Ox hai..
$0.00 - $0.00
Rembrandt Kolinsky Red Sable One Stroke LinerSeries 310
Rembrandt uses only the finest-quality Kolinsky Red Sable to craft their Series 310 One Stroke Liner..
Robert Simmons Sapphire One Stroke
If you value the good pointing, color handling, spring, and smooth application of natural sable with..
$11.40 - $61.30
Robert Simmons White Sable One-StrokeSeries 721
Robert Simmons pioneered a revolution in synthetic brushes, creating a unique blend of filaments tha..
$9.90 - $64.20
Royal Langnickel Sofia StrokeSeries 5555ST
Sofia is derived from the Greek word meaning wisdom, a perfect description for this brush series fro..
$24.95 - $39.95
Silver Brush Silverwhite Synthetic Short Handle StrokeSeries 1511S
Silver Brush Silverwhite brushes are soft white synthetic brushes that blend three diameters of sele..
$10.15 - $22.65