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Citrus Solvents and Natural Terpenes

Our complete line of citrus solvents and natural terpenes allows you to easily clean and store your brushes in your own art studio or classroom. Find products from great manufacturers such as Holbein, Eco-House, Masterson, Richeson, Sunnyside, Loew-Cornell and others. You can choose from items such as neutral thin and orange terpene from Eco-House or aluminum brush coil or metal brush washers from Holbein. These and other fine art supplies will help you in keeping everything at top performance. Choose from our large line of these art supplies as well as many more.

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Best Klean Odorless Thinner
An alternative to turpentine, Best Klean is an odorless petroleum distillate that can be used as a t..
$8.95 - $46.95
Citra Solv Natural Citrus Cleaner
Citra Solv Natural Citrus Cleaner is a versatile citrus solvent that's ideal for a variety of art ap..
$9.09 - $23.19
Eco-House 115 Extra-Mild Citrus Cleaner
A medium-strength, general-purpose thinner and mild solvent of choice for fine art painters. Eco-Hou..
$7.20 - $59.50
Eco-House 125 Neutral Thin
This is a general-purpose thinner, degreaser, brush cleaner, and volatile painting medium for oil-ba..
$6.80 - $56.50
Eco-House 915 Orange Terpene
Archival-quality solvent is made from food-quality ingredients for optimal health safety. It can be ..
$10.25 - $39.50
Maimeri Odorless Thinner
Maimeri Odorless Thinner has moderate solvent power, and is suitable for indoor use or for people wh..
$11.29 - $54.35
Maimeri Petroleum Essence
Maimeri Petroleum Essence is a light thinner. It evaporates quickly, with good solvent power, so it'..
$9.25 - $46.95
Sunnyside Acetone
High powered, fast drying solvent for thinning epoxies, fiberglass and other resins. Quart container..
Sunnyside Odorless Paint Thinner
Sunnyside Odorless Paint Thinner is completely odorless and free of objectionable aromatic solvent c..
Weber Odorless Turpenoid
Weber Odorless Turpenoid is THE premium turpentine substitute. Very volatile, thin, and colorless, i..
$7.49 - $51.99
Weber Turpenoid Natural
Turpenoid Natural is an alternative to traditional solvents for those concerned about health, safety..
$8.99 - $79.99