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Debcor Combo Cabinet
Debcor Combo Cabinet
Price: $1832 - $2737
Brand: Debcor
Alvin DesignMaster Drawing Tables
Alvin DesignMaster Drawing Tables
Price: $703
Brand: Alvin
Prismacolor Graphite Drawing Set
Prismacolor Graphite Drawing Set
Price: $1832 - $2737
Brand: Debcor
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Jack Richeson
Best Artist Products is a brand of art supplies owned by Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. The product seleciton includes high quality a-frame, h-frame and giant easels, as well as print racks, canvas stretcher strips, art horses and taborets with storage.
Amaco produces high quality ceramics and clay products, including high fire glazes, modeling clay, clay wheels and kilns. A very popular kiln by Amaco is their Select Fire series.
Artfix is a canvas and linen brand, producing exceptional painting surfaces for professionanl artists that are archival, museum qualit and will stand the test of time. ArtFix Belgian linen canvas one of their most opular products, constructed in The Provence region of France.
Artograph manufacturers high advanced art projectors and lightboxes. This makes it easy to transfer or enlarge images for large scale artwork and murals. New: Artograph LED500 - the ultimate in art projection.

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Prismacolor Arches
Prismacolor Art Markers Arches Watercolor Papers
Prismacolor NuPastels  
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Sign Painters
  1-Shot Lettering Enamels
Akua Intaglio Inks